From Our Parents

Hi there! Beers Family here to say we really love and miss Alpine Christian School. We love the staff, all the great activities our kids participated in, and a school true to Christian values and principles! The girls and I refer to ACS as our 'ranch school' because of where it's located, and the view is beautiful. Thank you for taking in our children and loving them!

- Beers Family

Hello, my name is Sam Acosta.  My wife Jackie and I are the parents of Lillian Marie Acosta.  Lillian has attended Alpine Christian School for the past several years.  She has been attending ACS since Bridge-K.  This will be Lily’s sixth year attending ACS and we are extremely excited about the upcoming educational year.  We have been very satisfied with her Christian and educational experience to date.

How did we come to choose ACS?   When Lily was approaching school age we discussed the educational opportunities available to us and most importantly to Lily.  We had given some thought to ACS and like every parent we wanted to know more about the school.  It turned out that ACS was having a graduation ceremony and we were invited to attend.  We were blown away at the graduation by the students that spoke at the program.  We were amazed by the confidence, eloquence and knowledge exhibited by the graduates.  We were very impressed and it was a major factor in our choosing ACS for Lily’s educational journey, but what sold us on ACS was the relationship that the students have with Christ.  As an added bonus, Lily gets to participate in Chapel, morning prayers and the reciting the Pledge of Allegiance to our country every day.  We love that Lily gets to experience Christ along with a well-rounded education every day at Alpine Christian School.

- Acosta Family

When my family and I made the life-changing decision to relocate to Alpine, we were filled with both excitement and uncertainty. We knew finding the right school for our beloved 8-year-old grandson was crucial, so we turned to prayer for guidance. After much soul-searching, we were led to Alpine Christian School, and it turned out to be an absolute blessing! We had followed ACS for a few years as they grew, relocated and built on their own land, so it was only right to be a part of this family.

From the moment we stepped through the school's doors, we felt a genuine sense of belonging. The teachers and administration at ACS have touched our hearts with their unwavering dedication to every child's growth and happiness. They go above and beyond to ensure that each student receives personalized attention and support, nurturing their individual strengths and interests.

Our grandson's educational journey at ACS surpassed all our expectations. The transformation we've witnessed in him, both academically and emotionally, has been nothing short of incredible. The school's nurturing environment and the caring community of fellow parents and students have made it truly feel like a second home for him.

We are profoundly grateful to God for guiding us to Alpine Christian School. It's been a remarkable experience, and we can confidently say that ACS has become an integral part of our family's life. We cherish the memories made, the knowledge gained, and the friendships formed. The love and support our grandson receives here have truly made a positive impact on his life, and we couldn't be happier with our decision to be a part of this wonderful school community.

- McKay Family

My husband and I have our son at Alpine Christian School because we believe that he is receiving the best education available to him in our area.  Alpine Christian School has a higher expectation of learning, and uses the Classical Education Curriculum, which encourages the students to learn how to think and reason for themselves.  It is important to us that he is surrounded by Christian teachers and families who have the same values and moral foundations that the Bible teaches.  We love the fact that the students are encouraged to pray for one another and are held to a higher standard than that of the public school system.  We are encouraged by the deep care and concern for each child that the teachers and staff exhibit.  We are thankful that scripture memory is a daily part of his school day, the same way it is at home, because we know how important it is to get the Word of God deep down into his spirit.  Our son has been at Alpine Christian School since he turned 3. The thing he likes most about the school is that everyone knows him and treats him like family.

- Portillo Family

From Our Students

One of our newest projects is our school garden. Students have been working hard to plant pecan trees this year and plan to start planting crops in the next couple of months. The garden will include a farm to table concept where crops will be used to serve the community and earn income for student programs. ACS received the Ardmore Institute of Health grant in 2022 that allowed for the purchase of a tractor to maintain the garden and the 23 acre campus. If you would like to help our garden grow, visit our Special Projects page to see how you can support our future.

Throughout the year, Alpine Christian School helps our surrounding communities with outreach projects.  Mark 16:15 says "go into all the world and preach the gospel to all creation" so ACS encourages discipleship in our students through every outreach project and every community event.  We focus on glorifying God in everything that we do.