Senior Thesis

We appreciate the prayers this afternoon for Gianna Turner! She did amazing on her Senior Thesis. Gianna had an audience from over a dozen states, in addition to outside of the United States. She definitely had a team supporting her.For those who are not aware what a Senior Thesis is, it is a BIG deal in classical schools and is close to the equivalency of a master’s degree thesis. Senior Thesis is a dissertation in which a senior writes and defends a thesis as the last step toward graduation. While the project demands rigor and consistent effort over the course of the student’s senior year, the defining mark of this course is a celebration of what the student has accomplished in his or her academic career.Gianna has literally been working on her thesis topic for over two years. Today, she spoke about the mental health crisis in the world, just prior to May’s Mental Health Awareness month. Gianna will be attending Reformation Bible College in August and then on to Liberty University to begin her studies in child development. Some of the baffling statistics that she posed today include:
– two thirds of the elderly people in the U.S. nursing homes have at least one mental illness after their admission.
– the 3rd leading cause of death in children from 10-24 years old is suicide
– there was a 25% increase in anxiety and depression due to the pandemic
– children between 8-10 years old spend an average of 6 hours a day on a smart phone or iPad.

Gianna brought awareness to her audience and made a call to action that we need to be more mindful of people’s needs and God’s undeniable creation for human beings and the need for each other, physically and socially. We are so proud of you, Gianna!!