Thank you for being part of Alpine Christian School.  A few very important links have been listed below for parents and potential parents to review.  The ACS Parent-Student Handbook is updated each year to reflect our policies and procedures, as well as our very important Statement of Faith.  Every family is required to sign the Handbook Receipt each new academic school year.


Academic Calendar 2024-2025

2024-2025 Parent Handbook

Chaperone Agreement

Volunteer form

ACS Dress Code  2024-2025


Chaperone Responsibilities for School Related Trips:

The purpose of a chaperone is to keep order and see to the safety and conduct of those students involved in a school event. Chaperones for all activities agree to adhere to the procedures set out below by the ACS Board as well as the duties and responsibilities set out in the current ACS Parent Student Handbook affecting chaperones:

Field Trips:

Because learning is not limited to the classroom environment, ACS students will participate in at least two field trips per year. To ensure the students’ safety, parents may be asked to help as chaperones or drivers. When transportation help is needed, parents may be asked to drive. The school will always offer to pay gas used in private vehicles. A copy of the parent’s driver’s license and proof of insurance will need to be provided to the school.

Field Trip Guidelines:

1. Appropriate attire is required and will be determined for each field trip.

2. Siblings are not permitted on field trips.

3. Admission fees for chaperones will be covered by the school. Exceptions must be approved by the Head of School.

4. A minimum of two adults must participate in all out of town field trips.

5. Students under the age of 12 may not sit in a seat with airbags.

6. Parents may be required to complete the Employee/Volunteer Criminal History Record Check form and return it to the school office.

7. It is vital that parents not show their own children favoritism during field trips or any other school-related activities. For example, a parent may not share a drink with his or her student when other students do not have a drink at that time.

Chaperones must also complete the Volunteer Application and Background Check form prior to serving as a chaperone.

Chaperone Roles and Responsibilities:

1. Chaperone Briefing: Chaperone briefings shall be conducted in advance of each event at which Chaperones serve. It is mandatory each Chaperone attend such briefing(s). The briefing shall consist of at least the following:

  • the exact specifics of the trip including programs and educational experiences;
  • the time of departure, planned route and expected time of return;
  • planned procedures to follow in the case of emergencies or other unusual circumstances that could occur; any special needs of any students;
  • overview of the role and responsibilities of chaperones.

2. Chaperone and Staff Responsibilities: Chaperones and staff shall abide by the following throughout the time they serve as chaperones.

Chaperones shall:

  • Complete the volunteer application;
  • Follow the direction of the Head of School or ACS staff member in charge, and bring disciplinary issues to the attention of said ACS staff member;
  • Ride to and from the area of destination with the students in the same means of transportation provided for the students, unless prior approval has been given by the Head of School or ACS staff member in charge;
  • Carry a list of students and their home phone numbers for the students they are responsible for supervising, and any special needs of any students including responsibility for prescription medications;
  • Watch carefully for student valuables and to check the vehicles thoroughly (whenever students disembark) so as to avoid leaving behind students’ personal belongings. Chaperones will not be held responsible for student belongings which are lost during a trip or event;
  • Be responsible for the safety and assistance of those students who are assigned to their charge and be aware of their whereabouts at all times. Chaperones shall also conduct a head count and/or roll call of passengers prior to any vehicle departure;
  • Immediately advise the ACS staff member in charge of the activity of any intervening circumstances which would prevent a student from being transported back to the school. Arrangements will then be made for a representative of ACS to remain with the student until the student has been delivered to his/her parent or legal guardian;
  • Abstain from the use of alcohol and illegal drugs during the entire trip;
  • Abstain from the use of tobacco in the presence of students;
  • Model appropriate verbal and physical conduct while serving as a chaperone and while present on school premises or at school activities;
  • Refrain from transferring their role to another person during the time they are responsible for the supervision of students;
  • Have their services for the school related trip terminated immediately in the event they violate any of the above stipulations;
  • Attend to the needs of students outside of their supervision assignment in the event of an emergency or if asked to do so by the Head of School or ACS staff member in charge.

Overnight Trip Guidelines:

In addition to the guidelines above, on overnight trips, Alpine Christian School requires:

1. Having at least one chaperone for every 10-15 students. If the trip is co-ed, then at least one male and female adult must accompany the group.

2. In the event a chaperone is unable to fulfill their responsibilities, the ACS staff member in charge will reassign the responsibilities as appropriate. In the event the ACS staff member in charge is unable to fulfill their responsibilities, he/she will designate one of the other chaperones (must be a certified school employee) as the person in charge. If there are no other certified chaperones, the ACS staff member in charge will contact the Head of School for further direction. In the event it is impossible for the ACS staff member in charge to function, one of the other chaperones will call the Head of School for further direction.

3. At the conclusion of the trip, it is desirable for the ACS staff member in charge and other chaperones to “recap” the trip and note any information for subsequent planning.

4. Chaperones and staff members will not have inappropriate verbal or physical interactions with students or with each other. Chaperones and ACS staff members are assigned a room and must sleep in that room so that students or other chaperones can contact them in case of an emergency or change in trip itinerary.