Hemingway Journal

Each month throughout the school year, our upper level students gather together information on current campus events, school news, updates, and submissions from teachers or Board members in order to compose The Hemingway Journal. This publication is sent to our families, the community, our donors, and posted on social media for our fans to enjoy.

The Hemingway Journal was created in 2020 by our Student Leadership group in order to update the community on the news of Alpine Christian School.  They chose "The Hemingway Journal" because they studied the life of Ernest Hemingway and realized from his story that even though he endured a life of emotional turmoil and pain, he contributed something beautiful to the world in his writings.  We currently distribute the Journal to over 200 people each month!

If you would like to subscribe to the Hemingway Journal, simply email our Administration office at admin10@alpinechristianschool.com.

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