ACS Partners

Alpine Christian School loves building alliances and relationships!  We have partnered with many businesses, churches, and organizations in our communities who have helped with our Homeward Bound Campaign, sponsored events, assisted with our outreach programs, and volunteered their time to growing our school, building leaders, and spreading the Gospel.  We appreciate our partners so much and hope to continue building alliances and partnerships in our local communities.


Hatco Final

HAT Construction provided hundreds of free labor hours and many resources to clear our 21 acre land, build a site for our new school, and orchestrate the completion for doors to open in August of 2018.  Heath Turner, his crew, and HAT Turner continue to work on projects on campus, sponsor events, and help with any ACS outreach program.  HAT Construction provides building sites, septic systems, water trenching and installation, and much more.  Heath would be happy to help you and can be reached at 432-386-0451 or at


Poco Reata Properties is owned and operated by Jack and Louisa Mayfield in Alpine.  Jack and Louisa have three children at Alpine Christian School and Louisa is the ACS Board Chair.  Their generous donations have finished numerous large projects on campus, as well as their crew spending days on landscaping around the Grace Building and planting trees on the playground.  Poco Reata Properties offers many options for affordable residential rental property in Alpine.  They can be contacted at 432-837-4200 or at

Mountain View

Mtn. View Properties (MVP) is owned and operated by ACS's Executive Director, Ginger Turner.  MVP has been a sponsor of ACS events for many years and partners with ACS on every outreach program they host or become involved in.  MVP is a local real estate office specializing in helping buyers and sellers relocate and offer a team of five real estate agents who are experts in the market.  Contact Mtn. View Properties at 432-837-5518 or at


embroideryco is owned and operated by Bobby and Carolyn Duncan.  As previous Executive Director for ACS, Bobby believes in the school's mission and education goals.  Bobby and Carolyn are both ACS Rainmakers and produce the uniforms for Alpine Christian School.  embroideryco has sponsored our Homeward Bound 5k, Desert Christmas Jubilee, and Starry Knight events, as well as participated in numerous fundraisers to raise money for ACS.  embroideryco also sponsors the daily Rainmaker radio ads on 1240 AM KVLF & 92.7 FM KALP in Alpine and the daily radio ads on 1070 AM KWEL in Midland expanding ACS’s reach to our neighbors in the Permian Basin.  If you need uniforms, hats, shirts, or promotional items for your business, please contact embroideryco at 432-553-3400 or visit their website at

Mitchell's Furniture

Mitchell's Furniture is owned and operated by Mark and Shirley Williams.  Mitchell's generously donated granite for ACS's kitchen countertop, provided and installed flooring for our entire Administration Building and Library, and have become ACS Rainmakers.  Mark and Shirley never hesitate to help Alpine Christian School with events and fundraisers.  If you are in the market for new flooring, furniture, or home decor please contact Mitchell's Furniture in Alpine at 432-837-0070 or at


First Baptist Church has been an Alpine Christian School partner for many years by sharing events, outreach projects, and Bible study with ACS students.  First Baptist Church became an ACS Rainmaker in 2019 and continues to support and provide for the Alpine community through missions, Bible studies, and youth programs.  For more information on attending First Baptist Church, contact 432-837-2487 or visit