Our Mission

Alpine Christian School is an education ministry to children and families in the Alpine area. Alpine Christian School uses many resources to provide a higher quality Christian education. Along with our educational goals we also make a priority to seek to make disciples of our students with the goal being to guide students into a relationship with Jesus Christ. Alpine Christian School is committed to Engaging Minds, Experiencing God's Truth and Building Leaders in the students who attend the school.

CORE VALUES: Engaging Minds, Experiencing God's Truth, Building Leaders

Engaging Minds: Students learn with all their senses. The mind of a child is capable of remarkable learning. Students learn through storytelling, analogy, metaphor, example, experience and time. Students need to visualize, absorb, and touch the subject matter. Alpine Christian School is committed to engaging all the senses of each child. Engaging the mind is where learning becomes knowing.

Experiencing God's Truth: Truth is a lost cornerstone in popular culture. The world around students teaches a feeling-based theology. Students need a good, realistic, logical expression of faith and doctrine. Alpine Christian School is non-denominational, committed only to the Biblical teaching of Truth (see the Statement of Faith). Yet faith is expressed in both right-brain emotional channels, as well as the traditional left-brained logic. Students need a moral filter based on truth and an emotional guide in expressing their heart. Each student needs to know that faith based on truth is not simply bias.

Building Leaders: Leaders are a rare commodity in the workplace and in the church. Alpine Christian School believes your student, who has heard, been educated in, and who knows the Bible, should be the leader the world is seeking. The depth of wisdom and the firm worldview the school teaches will build these leaders.

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