Future Development

Alpine Christian School has come a long way since 2004.  We are so blessed for the opportunity to have our new 21-acre campus with room to grow and expand.  We have many projects planned that will enhance students' education, and knowledge, and provide many more opportunities for our students.

We now have an ACS Pavilion & Event Center that allows the school to hold many activities such as events, competitions, conferences, and sporting events that will bring our families together. We have big plans for expanding our pavilion in the future.

Also, we have a school garden that includes a pecan orchard, Pumpkin Patch, and a variety of other herbs and vegetables. This garden provides a "hands on" experience to educate our students on the importance of healthy foods, and skills in growing and maintaining crops. 

We also have a walking/running course that our students use weekly for exercise and sporting events.  This course is one-kilometer and goes completely around the perimeter of our 21-acre campus.

Our Strategic Plan over the next five years demonstrates a desire to improve communication within families in the community, increase outreach programs, expand resources to students and teachers, and build alliances to strengthen our ministry and mission.

If you are interested in supporting our future, please click on the "Giving" tab.  You can support ACS financially, by volunteering, by praying for our teachers and students, or supporting our outreach programs throughout the year.

Concept of education and knowledge with tree growing from book
Past present and future time progress concept on blackboard or chalkboard with hand writing in chalk