About ACS

Alpine Christian School uses proven classical educational techniques based on a Biblical worldview to teach the foundations of logical thinking, elegant speech, and persuasive writing.

The classical model teaches a core of knowledge in a way that challenges the students thinking. It is based on the Trivium: Grammar, Dialect (or Logic), and Rhetoric, the educational foundation of our Western culture. We believe that God will bless this approach as He has in the past, as long as it follows the principles set forth in His Word.

All three elements are, to varying degrees, present at each grade level, but more emphasis is placed on the element that fits the student developmentally, by necessity.

This classical model best respects the developmental stages of a child’s learning abilities and teaches in such a way as to take advantage of and build upon these natural stages of cognitive maturation.

We believe that the imparting of wisdom goes far beyond the assimilation of facts, to the teaching of values, decision making, and critical thinking.